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On-vehicle image shows traffic levels, atmospheric and surface conditions, roadwork, highway signage, and more

Vizzion launches Drives

Drives is a source of live high-density street-level imagery from on-vehicle cameras. Images are gathered from a network of tens of thousands of dash cameras mounted in commercial vehicles operating throughout North America.

On-vehicle image showing faded lane lines

On-vehicle images provide a comprehensive and current view of road infrastructure conditions

On-vehicle images provided by Vizzion are a cost-effective way for transportation agencies to monitor the roadway for damage to infrastructure and other assets.

On-vehicle image showing a highway exit closed due to roadwork

How on-vehicle images can be used to verify roadway changes

Vizzion’s network of on-vehicle cameras provides visual verification of work zones, granting map-makers the proof required to confidently make updates.

On-vehicle camera shows an overhead highway sign with exit information

Managing digital signs for map platforms with on-vehicle camera imagery

On-vehicle imagery offers a current and information-rich data source to mapping platforms, allowing them to ensure their digital sign databases are up-to-date and accurate.

Traffic camera shows vehicle numbers at an in intersection

How traffic cameras assist in accurate traffic volume modeling

Vizzion’s network of roadside and on-vehicle cameras provides mobility data companies a source of fresh traffic imagery and video to ensure their data models remain accurate

Snow covering roads in NYC

Road imagery as a first information source and verification tool for newsrooms

Vizzion’s network of roadside and on-vehicle cameras can supplement newsroom workflows and provide journalists with visual insights into unfolding incidents and events

Emergency responders assist traffic after a fire

How fleet dispatchers use traffic camera and on-vehicle images to plan the most efficient routes

Vizzion’s live roadway insights help fleet dispatchers assess traffic flow and road weather conditions, helping them plan the most safe and optimal routes for their drivers

Roadside camera shows traffic back-up caused by accident

How on-vehicle and roadside traffic cameras provide ground truth and help plan the safest routes in and out of affected areas

Vizzion’s network of traffic and on-vehicle cameras can provide critical information for emergency response operators

Vizzion traffic camera in Windows news and interests

How on-vehicle images can be used to fill in gaps from roadside cameras and provide greater insights to DOT’s

Vizzion’s widespread coverage of on-vehicle imagery provides DOTs with more insights into road and traffic data

An image that includes construction objects

Lessons learned from labeling images for AI development

The experience we've gained from supplying our partners with labeled images to train their algorithms to detect certain road conditions can boost your machine learning initiatives

Vizzion traffic camera in Windows news and interests

Vizzion Traffic Cameras Now Available in Windows News and Interests

Windows users can now access live traffic and weather conditions in the Windows taskbar from Vizzion's traffic cameras

On-vehicle image showing a clear view of the roadway

Five ways Vizzion ensures you can confidently add on-vehicle imagery to your application

Vizzion employs manual and automated processes to remove irrelevant data and ensure on-vehicle images are returned in a uniform format

Vizzion cameras integrated into TTWN's T3 platform.

TTWN Extends Partnership with Vizzion to Continue Providing Broadcasters with Traffic Report Solutions

Vizzion will continue to supply TTWN with traffic camera feeds to integrate into their T3 traffic presentation system

Vizzion's service aggregates camera feeds from multiple providers in the same market.

How Vizzion can save your team over 6,000 hours per year on sourcing, quality control, and support

Rely on Vizzion to source cameras, monitor service status, standardize data feeds, and provide support - so you don't have to.

A road image labeled with metadata.

The Value of Labeled Data Sets

From road weather conditions and atmospheric to camera service status, Vizzion curates and offers a wide variety of labeled data sets to partners for algorithm training and evaluation.

The IBM Weather Company logo.

IBM Enhances The Weather Company Max Traffic Solution with Vizzion Camera Network

Vizzion's network of road-facing cameras has been integrated into The Weather Company's Max Traffic broadcast solution to increase viewer engagement.

Bannister Lake's logo.

Bannister Lake Announces Partnership with Vizzion

Vizzion’s traffic camera content compliments Bannister Lake’s industry-leading existing video graphic display solutions, creating a valuable transportation information platform for viewers.

The Video Wall in use in one of Audacy's studios.

Vizzion Supplies Audacy's Traffic Weather Information Network (TWIN) with Traffic Camera Feeds

Audacy, which reaches over 170 million listeners each month, uses the Desktop Video Wall as a key tool in their reporting.

Two Coastal Sunbelt Produce trucks.

Coastal Sunbelt Produce Partners with Vizzion to Choose the Best Delivery Routes

Coastal Sunbelt Produce has renewed its partnership with Vizzion to utilize the Desktop Video Wall to avoid traffic and weather and keep their deliveries timely and fresh.

An on-vehicle image showing a rainy roadway

How On-Vehicle and Roadside Cameras Work Together to Validate Road Weather Conditions

Vizzion's unique combination of roadside and on-vehicle imagery positions them as a leading provider of road condition data and surface weather conditions.

A breadcrumb trail of digital footprints

Vizzion's Commitment to Personal Information Privacy

Vizzion has published an article that details its adherence to privacy legislation around the world and explains how its technology preserves personal privacy while providing incisive and accurate data.

Vizzion's traffic cameras integrated into PDC's DisasterAWARE platform

Vizzion Provides PDC with Traffic Camera Technology for Use in Their DisasterAWARE Platform

Vizzion, a leading provider of traffic and weather content, supplies the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) with traffic camera feeds for use in their DisasterAWARE platform.

Baron Weather

Baron Partners with Vizzion to Incorporate Traffic Camera Footage into their Offerings

Vizzion announced a partnership to integrate traffic cameras into the Baron Lynx platform and Baron’s digital offerings.

Desktop Video Wall

Vizzion Supplies the HERE Traffic Operations Center with Global Traffic Camera Feeds

The partnership will bring Vizzion’s network of over 65,000 live traffic cameras into the hands of traffic editors.

On-vehicle cameras

Vizzion Announces New Platform Providing Massive Network of Live On-Vehicle Imagery

Vizzion's new platform will give access to on-vehicle cameras—producing live imagery as they travel.

A clear weather picture of a Norway roadway

Vizzion Enhances Data Accuracy Through Image Analysis

With the implementation of its image analysis algorithms, Vizzion seeks to promote a better end-user experience for its customers.

The site of Vizzion’s new operations center

Vizzion Opens New Operations Center

Vizzion is pleased to announce the completion of its state-of-the art operations center in North Vancouver. The space comes equipped with advanced service monitoring capabilities.

TTWN's traffic application

TTWN Partners with Vizzion to Power its Live Traffic Camera Service

TTWN, the leading provider of traffic, weather, news and sports content in the United States, today announced a partnership with Vizzion.

INRIX's integration of the Desktop Video Wall

INRIX Integrates Vizzion Desktop Video Wall into Incident Operations

Vizzion announced today the integration of their Desktop Video Wall traffic camera-viewing application into all INRIX incident operations centers.

A traffic camera on the windows 10 maps

Microsoft Adds Traffic Cameras to Windows 10

Microsoft now allows Windows users an even better insight into traffic and weather conditions with the inclusion of Vizzion traffic camera imagery in the Windows 10 Maps app.

Traffic cameras on Bing maps

Microsoft Selects Vizzion to Supply Traffic Cameras for Bing Maps

Vizzion is providing Bing users access to live cameras in key markets worldwide, allowing drivers to see current traffic conditions for their daily commutes.

Scene of a fog-related nine car pile up

Low Visibility Detection Service

Vizzion’s new service proactively scans a global network of traffic cameras to detect low visibility conditions such as fog, smoke, or heavy precipitation.

Traffic cameras

Traffic Cameras: Providing the Whole Picture

Governments around the world spend millions of dollars on traffic cameras because they know that the cameras can help mitigate traffic jams and even save lives.

Taffic cameras in the Mercedes-Benz Apps

Mercedes-Benz Launches In-Car Traffic Cameras from Vizzion/INRIX

Mercedes-Benz has launched a traffic camera feature within their mbrace2 “Mercedes-Benz Apps” package.