Coastal Sunbelt Produce Partners with Vizzion to Choose the Best Delivery Routes

Coastal Sunbelt and Vizzion Logos

Coastal Sunbelt Produce, the leading food service distributor of produce and dairy in their region, has renewed its partnership with Vizzion to utilize the Desktop Video Wall in their operations center. As an essential part of the local food service supply chain, Coastal Sunbelt Produce is able to employ traffic camera imagery to avoid traffic and weather and keep their deliveries timely and fresh.

Coastal Sunbelt's headquarters

Based out of Maryland, Coastal Sunbelt Produce delivers perishable products to customers in the Mid-Atlantic. Traffic is a major consideration in planning out routes between delivery locations. Washington, D.C., a major hub of operations for Coastal Sunbelt, is one of the most heavily congested metropolitan areas in the US. With over 1,000 cameras from eight providers across the Washington metropolitan area, Vizzion’s camera coverage helps Coastal Sunbelt’s fleet of over 185 trucks avoid traffic, incidents, and inclement weather.

Vizzion's Desktop Video Wall on display in Coastal Sunbelt's operations center

The Desktop Video Wall is designed for organizations like Coastal Sunbelt to use in their operations center. The Video Wall, Vizzion’s enterprise Windows application, lets users view cameras from over 200 providers around the world displayed as points of interest on a map and store up to 25 cameras at a time in a catalog. Multiple catalogs can be saved and cameras can be undocked into their own windows, making the Video Wall ideal for multi-screen use. Coastal Sunbelt, in addition to using it for fleet dispatch, displays the Video Wall on a large screen in their operations center, which makes checking the congestion level at a busy intersection, bridge, or highway route as easy as looking over at the wall. This unique approach to tackling traffic and congestion is proof that Coastal Sunbelt is constantly pushing the envelope to provide innovative, reliable service to their customer base.

One of Coastal Sunbelt's delivery trucks

By using the Video Wall, Coastal Sunbelt is able to keep its vehicles routed efficiently, saving time and money. Vizzion’s cameras are often quicker to update than the flow data that is used in many popular mapping apps. Incidents and congestion can be spotted and avoided using cameras before they have even been reported on other platforms. “Fresh food delivery is a time-sensitive field,” says Sean Beaudoin, Account Manager at Vizzion. “By saving Coastal Sunbelt time in its delivery fulfillment and helping them keep the food supply chain running, we see our partnership as a great success.” As long as traffic and weather impact road conditions and travel times, Vizzion’s cameras are a guaranteed way to stay ahead of the curve and avoid slowdowns whenever possible.

About Vizzion

Vizzion is the leading provider of road imagery for traffic, weather, road condition, and safety operations and applications. Through partnerships with over 200 different transport agencies and on-vehicle camera providers,Vizzion offers live feeds from over 130,000 cameras in more than 40 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and key markets in South America and Africa. Both on-vehicle and roadside traffic camera services are available through Vizzion’s flexible Web Service and turnkey Video Wall application. Vizzion’s content is trusted by major apps, map providers, broadcasters, fleets, and automotive organizations. Contact for more information.

About Coastal Sunbelt

Coastal Sunbelt Produce is a leading food service provider of produce, dairy, specialty and essentials in the Mid-Atlantic. Through its fleet of 185 vehicles, Coastal Sunbelt delivers to leading foodservice providers in six states and the District of Columbia.


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