Microsoft selects Vizzion to supply traffic cameras for Bing Maps

Click a camera icon to display the latest snapshot

Just in time for the new year and winter weather, Microsoft has partnered with Vizzion for traffic camera imagery on Bing Maps. Bing announced the new feature on the Bing Blog; Vizzion is providing Bing users access to live cameras in major markets worldwide, allowing drivers to see current traffic conditions for their daily commutes. This new feature complements and confirms Bing’s Clearflow traffic data and allows Bing users to see up-to-the-minute road conditions as winter approaches.

Click return to summary for an overview of your latest camera selections

To view traffic cameras on Bing Maps, visit Bing Maps and click on traffic, then zoom in on a location of your choice and look for camera icons. Selecting a camera icon will display the latest snapshot from that location and then clicking on “return to summary” will show an overview of the last several cameras that you’ve viewed for quick comparison. Current coverage includes traffic cameras across the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Germany, Spain, and the UK.

Camera icons in London

Vizzion provides live traffic camera feeds from over 61,000 traffic cameras in 39 countries worldwide to automotive, web/mobile, broadcast, fleet management, and navigation applications. With authorization from more than 190 different national and regional agencies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and Africa, Vizzion is the leading provider of traffic camera data and services. Traffic cameras are a proven way for websites and application providers to attract new customers and encourage daily usage. Contact for more information.


MapQuest chooses Vizzion

MapQuest receives 40 million monthly unique visitors to its mapping site. Vizzion and INRIX power the "Live Traffic" traffic camera features on the site.

Inrix relies on Vizzion

INRIX Traffic is a mobile app that helps drivers avoid traffic and get there faster by providing real time alerts, traffic forecasting and incident information. The free iOS and Android app relies on Vizzion to provide traffic cameras across North America.

Mercedes-Benz launches Vizzion/INRIX traffic cameras

Mercedes-Benz leads the automotive technology industry with the release of mbrace2, the first product to enter the market with traffic cameras directly integrated by an auto OEM.

Comcast Xfinity X1 features Vizzion traffic cameras

Comcast's XFINITY X1 cable platform links incident data to traffic camera imagery, displaying the most up to date traffic conditions to millions of US subscribers.