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Vizzion provides traffic camera data and services featuring over 56,000 traffic cameras in 35 countries. The proven XML web service is fast, flexible, reliable and allows quick and easy integration of traffic cameras into a variety of applications.

With authorization from over 160 different national and regional government agencies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and Africa, Vizzion aggregates cameras from more than 600 markets and regions.

Adding traffic cameras to your application provides your end users with visual verification of traffic flow and traffic incidents, weather related road conditions, and real-time updates. Cameras are a proven way to attract new customers and encourage repeat usage.

Industry leaders such as Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, and INRIX are placing their trust in Vizzion. Contact us to request a free evaluation kit for our traffic camera web service.

Broad Coverage

Coverage in over 600 markets across 35 countries

Over 56,000 cameras and more than 600 markets in 35 countries.

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Proven Systems

Inrix partners with Vizzion

Several industry leaders are placing their trust in Vizzion.

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March 1 2018

Latest news

Vizzion provides coverage across Canada

Vizzion provides coverage across Canada

Through new agreements with the Governments of Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, as well as York MOT and the Town of Banff, Vizzion can now provide coverage across all Canadian traffic camera enabled provinces and territories. New coverage is now available in the Northwest Territories, Saskatoon, Regina, Northern Saskatchewan, the York district of Southern Ontario, and the Town of Banff.

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