Key Industries

Numerous industry leaders place their trust in Vizzion. Serving several key industries, our flexible traffic camera web services offer traffic camera solutions for:


Application developers for both desktop and mobile can benefit from the addition of traffic cameras by offering products which have greater appeal and encourage more frequent usage, leading to increased revenue per user.


Manufacturers and telematics service providers can use traffic cameras to help build next-generation products and generate higher service usage rates.

PND manufacturers can differentiate their products and create new revenue opportunities through the addition of traffic cameras.

Broadcast Media

Broadcasters can bring traffic reports to life with streaming traffic camera video and real time traffic camera images. Hyperlocal traffic information in over 600 markets brings viewers back daily to see how weather and congestion will affect their commute. Contact us for our latest streaming traffic camera coverage.


In an industry where every minute counts, the addition of traffic cameras to fleet management software can give fleet managers a competitive advantage by avoiding costly delays and reducing fuel costs.

Public Sector

Transportation and public safety agencies can benefit from Vizzion's unique features and 190 parternships that bring cameras from multiple public and private suppliers into one application. Vizzion's desktop video wall brings further cost effectiveness and turnkey benefits to operations centers.


Adding traffic cameras to a website is a proven method to increase new and repeat visitors, improving advertising revenue. As a feature on two of the world's most popular online maps, cameras help give the most useful view of where people are headed.


Mercedes-Benz launches Vizzion/INRIX traffic cameras

Mercedes-Benz leads the automotive technology industry with the release of mbrace2, the first product to enter the market with traffic cameras directly integrated by an auto OEM.


Microsoft selects Vizzion to supply traffic cameras for Bing Maps

Microsoft selected Vizzion for worldwide traffic camera imagery on Bing Maps. This feature complements Bing’s Clearflow traffic data and allows Bing users to see up-to-the-minute road conditions.


Microsoft chooses Vizzion 

Windows 10 Maps is available on all desktop and mobile editions of Windows 10. When planning a route, users can view traffic cameras alongside traffic flow data and incident data to visualize current road conditions.

Inrix relies on Vizzion 

INRIX Traffic is a mobile app that helps drivers avoid traffic and get there faster by providing real time alerts, traffic forecasting and incident information. The free iOS and Android app relies on Vizzion to provide traffic cameras across North America.

Download it here.


Vizzion helps power TRACKER

Powered by Vizzion and INRIX, TRACKER Fleet provides fleet managers with the ability to view the UK's traffic conditions at a glance. 

Broadcast Media

Vizrt and Vizzion partner for live global traffic camera feeds

Vizrt partners with Vizzion to provide access to live traffic camera streams for Viz World, the broadcast industry's standard for the creation of branded maps and geographic animations.