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A passion to be the best

Vizzion was incorporated in the year 2000 in Vancouver, British Columbia. We released the first version of our traffic camera API in 2005 with just 1,000 cameras, at the time already the largest and most advanced traffic camera database available.

To maintain our leading position, we set about using our extensive experience with cameras and automated image analysis, coupled with strong support from the Canadian National Research Council, to create sophisticated automated systems to keep us at the forefront of traffic camera service providers.

The resulting unique systems and technologies have allowed us to keep pace with a rapidly changing camera industry. Our traffic camera and on-vehicle camera database has grown to over 100,000 cameras in 40 countries, while maintaining superior data accuracy and leading the way with many innovative service features.

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Our Team

Committed to quality and efficiency

Led by Chris Cooper, a 30 year veteran of camera and imaging applications, our team of talented engineers is committed to providing the best road imagery service by every conceivable metric. Our uncompromising commitment to the highest quality standards and our ongoing R&D investment in innovative automated systems allow our group to achieve industry leading results at a highly competitive price point.


If you have a background in cameras and imaging applications and are interested in joining our team, write to us at Visit our careers page for current job openings.


Vizzion is authorized by over 100 DOTs

Transportation Agencies 

Vizzion partners with more than 200 DOTs and other agencies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and Africa. By facilitating the distribution of traffic camera images to consumers through a variety of innovative applications, Vizzion is helping agencies all over the world reduce traffic congestion in their local region.

The Canadian National Research Council has helped Vizzion create industry leading technologies

Canadian National Research Council

The Canadian National Research Council has been instrumental in providing research funding, resources and expertise to help us create industry leading technologies such as automatic coverage expansion, continuous data integrity monitoring, and automatic camera viewpoint detection.